My holiday

Dear readers,

On the weekend, in the morning (Saturday) my mum,Sarah and I went grocery shopping. Once we got back we unpacked the groceries. For lunch we had hot dogs (they were delicious). After doing stuff that I do not remember we started preparing tea. At about 5:30pm I got out my Gluten Free pastrie mix out. I got out the vegetable oil and some water ready to mix it in. After mixing it and some other steps we put it onto a pizza tray. Mum got the chicken, cheese, tomato paste, salami, bacon/ham and the capsicum ready. Once they were cooked to perfection we got them out of the oven. We ate them and they were delicious!!!!!!!!!!

Athlete Report

Dear readers,

Today I am going to talk about the team I  have chosen. I chose the Kookaburras (also known as the Men’s Australian Hockey Team).

On the 8th of the 8th 2016, in the morning (on Monday) The Men’s Australian Hockey Team , went up against Spain. Australia  is ranked number one and Spain is ranked number eleven in the world so what happens, will blow your mind. The two teams put on an amazing show but within minutes Spain had scored a goal. All through the first, second and third quarters the score board had stayed the same. It was the last quarter and the clock was ticking, Spain was still a point in front of Australia. The scoreboard read Spain-1 and Australia-0. Australia put on a tough fight, but not enough to win the game. The siren sounded at the end of the game and Spain had won. This was not the best start for the Aussies, but it’s only the beginning of the Olympics so you just have to stay positive and hope for the best.

By Danielle

My Holiday

Dear readers,

On the first week of the holidays, I went to my grandma and grandpa’s house in Benalla for a 3-5 day sleep over. It was amazing!!! I went with my sister, Sarah and my brother, Andrew. On the first day we made cinnimin buns. On the second day Andrew made cheesymite scrolls. They were outstanding!!! On that same day we made home made pizzas for tea. My grandma and Andrew both had a normal pizza dough but my sister and I had a gluten free one. It was soooooooo nice. It was very easy to cut into.

We stayed for about 2-3 more days and then my mum came to pick us up.

Well for now……… goodbye!

Horrible Last Weeks

Dear readers,
The last couple of weeks have been horrible for me. I can’t do anything with my leg because my knee has a serious injury (which I don’t know what it is). It’s sadly not getting better. My pain is effecting my mood (that’s what Tom says) . I am apparently nearly, always sad, unless Tom tells his jokes which I laugh at, (Tom+Jokes=Funny).

from sad to happySee you next time readers!



Last Tuesday, grade 5s and 6s went swimming at the Tatura pool. The first 30 minutes was swimming lessons and the rest was free swimming. I was allowed to get in with my sore knee. I had a pretty good time. Then before I knew it, we were back at school.

See you next time.


Dear readers,

On Monday the 1st of February, SGB did their first ever blitz in grade six. Mr. Burness was handing the blitz shits. I could feel the adrenaline pumping inside of me. I was just so nervous but excited at the same time, I just wanted to see what score I was going to get. Over the holidays I had been practicing  maths games so that I was ready for this exact moment. Mr. Burness was starting the stop watch in a couple of minutes I will be finished. I said ‘stop’ and then before I knew it I got 1.52 SECONDS. WOW   I was so excited that I got that time. I have never gotten such a good time in my life.

My score was a 112, thats my best score.

See you next time readers.

First day in grade six

Dear Readers,

I had my very first day of school two days ago. I was pretty excited. I am so excited for this year, because Mr. Burness taught my brother Michael when he was in grade six. Mr.Burness seems like a very funny and an awesome teacher. I’m looking forward to this year and it will be interesting.

First Aid


Today I will be talking about the ‘First Aid.’ On the 20th of August SRG had the st John come to our school. We all came out to the middle of the senior wing and sat in a semi circle. The lady that took as was Michelle. She took as through the recovery  position and then we had to do it with a partner. We were listening to her  and we learnt a lot.I was doing the recovery position to Ella and Kailee. All out I learnt a lot.

See you next time.

My goals


For this term my Reading goal is to read the whole series of Canterwood Crest. To be able to improve this goal, I will read every night and read to family members.

I would also like to get a really good score for blitz.Like 140 and below. To be able to improve this goal, I will practice my blitz in some of my spare time and push myself.

See you next time.


Friday the 12th


On Friday the 12th, I was at school busy working on my picture story book. I spent about 3-4 hours working on it. The night before I pretty much draw all of the pictures for our book. It’s called I live on a farm  it has lots of pictures and they are very colourful. I would like to thank Sharvannah and Isabella for helping me, I couldn’t have done it with out you.

So what I would like to say is thank you to everyone that helped me. I would also like to say a big thank you to Ella for writing the book and doing a couple of the pictures.

See you next time.